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Vishal Kheradia & Associates is an architectural and interior design firm established in 1994. The Principle Interior Architect, Vishal Kheradia, got his Interior Design degree from Pune in 1991 and then got his initial practical experience from working on projects in Surat and Dubai. In his professional practice of 28 years, he has worked on more than 1200 projects and successfully delivered each one of them with his best of abilities. His project portfolio thrives on working from various sectors such as retail, commercial, industrial, residences, high rise and office spaces. To him, each project is a new challenge, but most importantly it is a chance to look at it from a fresh perspective. Even after these many years in the field, he still feels that everyday is a new opportunity to learn. To his belief, design is the work of adaption. It’s the adaptation of your surroundings, technology and innovation. Regardless of the scale of the project he pays close attention to detail, design methodology, new material exploration and economic considerations of the client.

His aim is to create something not just unique but also combining efficiency, economy and design.

Vishal KheradiaFounder & Principle Designer